Me & You Video Online!

Hi There! I have a new bootleg video online from my last concert in Berlin: Me & You (Live Solo) Take a peek! Hope you are all well! 

It is one of my "social/historical" songs in which I discuss some history and the principles of Gandhi's non-violent resistance activism. 

I try to lay out the principles of SATYAGRAHA, a compound word incorporating both Truth (Satya) and Justice (Graha) into a single interrelated concept. As in, you can't have justice without truth. AHIMSA is the actual word for non-violence, just to keep things clear, but non-violent activism in Gandhi's practice was firstly served by advocating for Truth and Justice, and then supported by non-violent activism. 

Great idea. We should all internalize it and enlist in the global Army of Light. Imagine a would with hundreds or thousands of Gandhi's in it. That's our world.